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So now the last Red Vs Blue established AI conversations I’m just looking forward to Carolina getting stuck in a corner surrounded. Epsilon slows everything down, but can;t figure a way out. Then Omega pops up and just gives him the biggest puppy-dog eyes, and epsilon just looks at him and goes “Y’know what, fuck it, go nuts”, and then Carolina proceeds to rip the shit out of everyone in a mile radius. 




Freelancers playing what appears to be space-age Strip Poker

As requested by absolutely no one. Full Size Version Here

Hashtags from mistressevermoon

Oh god, now that I’ve seen it, I cannot unsee it.

I love that South is topless and no one cares BUT OMG YORK IS NAKED.

But the AI’s the fucking AIs!

What did Wyoming get? Gamma, the deceit. He’s holding a second deck to alter his hands.

Maine? Sigma, the ambition. Showing frustration at losing.

York? Delta, the logic. No logical reason to care about nudity, thats emotional shit!

North? Theata, the trust and caring. What’s he doing, holding yorks helmet for him!

Finally Wash. Poor old wash got Epsilon the memory. Tell me that’s not the look of a memory burning into his mind against his will.

To top it off, CT has an extra hand behind her chair, carrying her cards for her.

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